but on the plus side, I put my festive xmas/nice party/go you! cards on a stall and sold 3!

And did a summer job that paid twice what I've ever been paid before in my life and, better than that, got fifteen students onto a uni course and they bought me a meal.

And did a drama group for three months that was tbh a tad boring but useful and warmed up at the end (everyone stood around at the wrap party saying 'oh we should have done this earlier')

And went to a club for disco dancing four times on my own and talked to people each time. It's ok if the place isn't too snobby.

And popped into a party with my neighbours, who were really sweet students. Only I have to be careful not to hang around too much, because I don't want to be one of *those* old people. Might pop into their NYE party though.
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next year: the beach

Xmas same as last year only with more arguments about tv and 'comedy' naughty-old-man racism from pa. new bonus features include "I can't watch any BBC because it's communist propaganda" and demanding subtitles for anyone with any sort of foreign accent. Oh, and Alan Turing shouldn't have been pardoned because he did commit what was a crime at that time, even though pa has never been homophobic. Thing is, he doesn't really seriously believe all this stuff, he's just partly brainwashed by the Daily Mail and partly trying to get a rise out of people like a thirteen-year-old.

Also going to the pub instead of eating lunch and having no pudding, just like three sad old men, me included. Nobody's life is ever going to change.

(the tv thing was just as annoying in a different way. Nobody would commit to watching a particular show or even a copy of a film but simply bitched about other people's choices. So I spent xmas eve watching 'Midsomer Murders' and all of the next day fielding the DecisiveParadox ("Anyone got any ideas what to watch? You? But you always choose! Anyone? Anyone?" because I can either enjoy, metacrit or hatewatch *anything* and have never in my life said "There's nothing on!")

I think I've done my post-mother's-death duty and will take a year off from family fun to sit on a beach. Anywhere.
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Ok, so I pretty much left the fandom during the Great TGIF War and I like Steven "Mrs Williams ljdflajo;rfh;aosdfh" Moffat even less now, but OOOOH.

My brother (who took one look at Tennant's gurning and never watched again) even got back on the nostalgia wagon with that recent BBC3 doco although mostly talking about Peri's bosoms.

And it was one of the few interesting conversations I had with my mother, instead of those "What have you done with your hair?" talks. We spent ages in a cafe once discussing "Parting of the Ways" and how the dea-ex-pickup-truck was a fair ending.

And I am gladipoos that the BBC3 series of "Scary Monster Episodes from NuHu" ended with "Dalek" and not those sodding statues :DDDD

And Paul McGann looks amazing

Predictions: I guessed right about them ripping "Dax's secret MURDERER host" from DS9 and my brother had a sudden brainwave that the main plot will rip off "Crisis on Infinite Earths" and involve all the 8.5s 10s and 11s sacrificing themselves for THE FUTURE.

In other news I really <3 Kevin Clifton.